German Police Raid Dismantles ISIS Terror Cell, Six Syrian Refugees Arrested

Islamic state Germany

Six Syrian so-called refugees have been arrested on Tuesday morning after German police raided 8 addresses in 4 states across Germany. The six Syrian nationals are suspected of plotting a terrorist attack on German soil, a mass-casualty terror attack more precisely, by using weapons and/or explosives.

More than 500 German law enforcement participated in a massive anti-terrorist action, which ended up with 6  Syrian men of military age (between twenty and twenty eight years old). The police also seized mobile phones, laptops and paperwork. As per Frankfurt’s AG, the so-called refugees entered Germany under false pretenses by using fake passports. Who would have thought that? I mean, all of them are actually ISIS/Islamic State supporters posing as refugees, this is unheard of.

The ISIS terror cell was planning an attack on a public target on December 19th. The target was a Christmas market in Essen. And before you ask, ISIS terrorists plotting an attack on a Christmas market in Germany has nothing to do with Islam’s war against Christianity/the West or whatever.

The date of the attack (December 19th) is the exact same date from last year’s Islamic terrorist attack (2016), when Anis Amri, an ISIS loving Moroccan immigrant stole a truck and murdered 12 revelers at the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market. The six alleged terrorists entered Germany between December of 2014 and September of 2015 and they are believed to have fought in Syria for the Islamic State prior to seeking asylum (read welfare shopping). Their names were not revealed due to Germany’s draconian privacy laws.

One wonders how many of these same type of persons were brought into America under Obama, “Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services” (LIARS), “Catholic Charities”, and “Catholic Relief Services”.

I hate to say it, but it is also possible these types of people will be coming to America under Trump, because there is very little way to distinguish a true refugee from a terrorist.This is why “safe havens” near the country of origin are the only possible solutions to authentic refugees.

As Alice Weidel stated yesterday: “Merkel is finished, and AfD are more than ready, willing and able to govern.”