Horror: Mom Accused of Killing Babies by Cooking Them Alive in Oven (VIDEO)

lamora williams

On the grim side of the news, an Atlanta resident, Lamora Williams respectively, was issued an arrest warrant after she has been accused of killing her 2 young sons by putting them in the oven and turning it on.

According to Atlanta authorities, the suspect called the police on Friday, October 13th and has said her 2 children were dead. The police officers arrived at the scene discovered the two dead bodies of  2 year old Ke-Yaunte Penn and 1 year old son Ja’Karter Penn. A third child, 3 year old Jameel Penn Jr. was found alive and unharmed.

The father of the three kids Jameel Penn has said he was called by the suspect Lamora Williams who told him his kids were dead. The suspect told the police she left the 3 children for nearly 12 hours in her cousin’s custody, but when police officers arrived at the scene, the cousin was nowhere to be found, leading authorities to believe the suspect lied and she left the children home alone.

The arrest warrant reads that the horrific crimes took place between October 12th midnight and 11 p.m. October 13th, over a 2 day period. The suspect Lamora Williams was charged with 2 counts of murder and also cruelty to children in the 1st degree. She was denied bond after she waived her first court appearance on Monday.