Hurricane Harvey Slams Texas, Winds 120 MPH, 35+ Inches of Rain

‘You will remember this storm for rest of your life’

hurricane harvey evacuation

Hurricane Harvey started as a torrential rain that quickly evolved into a literal flooding-disaster, as the hurricane started moving inland Texas, gathering strength as it approaches. Harvey is expected to make a landfall as a Category 3 hurricane along the Texas coast late Friday night into Early Saturday morning, between Port Aransas and Port O’Connor.

It is expected for power outages and incidents of flooding to increase during this time period and over the weekend. The storm begun as a Category 2 hurricane earlier on Friday morning but it then strengthened to a Category 3 in the afternoon the same day. Gov. Greg Abbott declared (in advance) a state of disaster in thirty Texas counties, while John Bel Edwards, Louisiana’s Governor declared a statewide emergency since yesterday.

Texas Governor Abbott asked Donald Trump for a presidential disaster declaration before Hurricane Harvey’s landfall:

“This is going to be a major disaster. My goal is to make it through this storm in a way that we lose no lives. You need to strongly consider evacuating. There will be a tremendous amount of rain dropped upon miles and miles of Texas.”

Gov. Abbott told reporters after being briefed on the matter by emergency officials at the Texas Department of Public Safety. A presidential disaster declaration would allow for federal help/money to be available to the areas heavily affected by the hurricane. Coastal Texas residents were strongly advised to leave the area, even if they’re not living in places where mandatory evacuations were enforced.

According to projections, some areas affected by Hurricane Harvey may get as many as 35 inches of rain and most of them will get more than 1 ft. National Weather Service and hurricane center said that Harvey will hit middle Texas sometime between late Friday and early Saturday. The most probable area for Hurricane Harvey to land-fall is Corpus Christi, where the mayor has already issued a voluntary evacuation order.


More than 700 troops were deployed to assist/help with the threat while 20,000 are stuck at sea in cruise ships at Galveston.