Illegal Alien Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison for Getting his 11 Years Old Daughter Pregnant


A Mississippi judge sentenced an illegal alien to forty years in jail for pedophilia/sexual battery. Vitervo-Vasquez entered the United States illegally and, the cherry on top, he pleaded guilty on Friday morning to getting his own 11 years old daughter pregnant.

According to prosecutors, Vitervo-Vasquez’s daughter conceived the child when she was only 10 years old. US officials discovered the horrific story after Vitervo-Vasquez’s daughter (11 years old at the time) was discovered to be pregnant as she visited a medical center. She told prosecutors that her father took her into a hotel room and gave her something to drink. Afterwards he started to touch her…you know the rest of the story.

According to a WJW report, she gave birth to a baby boy in November last year, a boy with multiple birth-defects who unfortunately died while undergoing surgery in a Jackson hospital. After performing DNA tests, the boy’s father was determined to be Vitervo-Vasquez (99.9% certainty). The Mississippi prosecutors described how Vitervo-Vasquez was deported from the United States at least twice, he could not read nor write and he also did not have a social security number.

The judge sentenced Vasques to 40 years in jail with a mandatory sentence of 25 years minimum and to be deported as soon as he is released. This is hardly the first time when illegal aliens have been in the spotlight with regard to raping a minor. For example, another illegal alien was arrested last Sunday and charged with raping a 7 years old girl “thousands of times”. He also was deported once before and he’s currently into police custody pending trial.

Just doing “the job” Americans refuse to do, right? President Trump was spot on: they are not sending their best.