Jihadist Opens Fire Outside Russian Church Killing Four Women (VIDEO)

Jihadist Opens Fire Outside Russian Church Killing Four Women (VIDEO)

Five people were killed (including the terrorist) and several injured, including 2 cops, in the Southern Russian province of Dagestan (Muslim majority population), as a jihadist opened fire at a group of Christian churchgoers leaving a ceremony which marked the end of a folk festival and the start of Lent for Russian Orthodox Christians.

The jihadist was killed by Russian security forces arrived at the scene. As the terrorist opened fire with a rifle, he shouted the well known jihadists cry “Allah Akbar”, as the church’s senior priest, father Pavel respectively, told Russian RBC news organization.



The Islamic terrorist attack took place right in front of the Christian church, with many churchgoers taking cover inside of the church during the shooting. The terrorist was killed as he was trying to escape from the scene.  Kizlyar city administration identified the terrorist as Khalil Khalilov, who lived in a nearby village. According to reports, the attacker first tried to enter the church, but luckily the doors were shut, hence he waited and opened fire on people leaving the service.

Aleksandr Volkov, Patriarch Kirill’s (the head of the Russian Orthodox Church) spokesman wrote on Telegram:

“The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church considers this terrible crime, committed on the eve of the Great Lent, a provocation aimed at instigating confrontation between Orthodoxs and Muslims, who have been coexisting peacefully for ages in the Caucasus,”

It is said that the Islamic terrorist was an adherent of Wahhabism, which is a hard-line (as in literal) interpretation of Islamic law. Kizlyar mayor Alexander Shuvalov told Russian news agency Tass:

“Four people were killed. The shooter was shot dead. Two police officers and a woman were wounded,”