Las Vegas Massacre Aftermath via First Responder (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Viewer Discretion is Advised

stephen paddock

Be advised, this is a very disturbing video recorded most probably by a first responder’s body cam arriving at the scene of the Las Vegas shooting. The guy is trying to save people’s lives, checking pulses, assessing victims and assigning EMTs, yet be advised: the video contains very graphic scenes.

Just as a quick reminder, we don’t know much about the shooter so for, except from the fact he was a very wealthy retiree, a millionaire who owned a private plane and several houses, and lived a high-end life, being very passionate about gambling (video-poker). The police/FBI and various other alphabet soup agencies failed so far to provide a motive for the horrific crime and it’s also not very clear why Stephen Paddock brought 22 rifles and  a handgun in the hotel room, together with thousands of rounds of ammo, yet he stopped shooting after approximately 10 minutes then offed himself.

And that doesn’t make much sense, because we know he created a surveillance ring around him, installing video cameras inside his suite and attached other cameras on the hallway, to give him intel about SWAT teams approaching. Nota bene, the SWAT response time from the moment the shooting started until they’ve entered Paddock’s suite was 72 minutes, which is a huge failure by any metrics. All things considered, it’s an actual miracle that only 59 people have died.

Another interesting fact that was revealed recently is that Stephen Paddock was on medication (as I told you earlier about the common denominator in mass shootings, i.e. psychotropic drugs).

A few more questions: Why haven’t they released a ballistics report? Which gun and bullet/round did he use to kill himself?

Why hasn’t the video-camera footage from the Casino been released?

Why is all of this getting leaked instead of coming out through official channels?

There are rumors that Mandalay Bay casino lost the cam footage. If that proves to be true, just think about that for a second: these are the most secure and surveilled places on the planet and as far as I know, never before has a hotel casino ‘lost’ video footage UNTIL NOW.

Stay tuned.

If the video on YouTube gets taken down, here’s a secondary source.