Las Vegas Shooter Killed Himself Before Arrest

las vegas shooting

The 64 year old Stephen Paddock of Mesquite, Nevada, the man who will live in infamy for being the perpetrator of the deadliest mass shooting in United States history (so far) killed himself after the rampage, according to police officials.

After killing more than 50 (latest figure is 58) innocent concert-goers and wounding more or less severe over 400 people, Stephen Paddock turned the gun on himself in his 32nd floor hotel room at Mandalay Bay. Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo has said that Stephen Paddock has been staying inside his hotel room since last Thursday (September 28th), and what’s very interesting is that a weapons cache was found at the scene. Police found 10 rifles in Paddock’s hotel room and it’s curios how he managed to keep them undetected by the hotel staff.


Another interesting factoid is that police were able to pin-point the shooter’s nest using the room’s smoke detector, which was triggered by the heavy smoke produced by the automatic weapon (s). As per an official statement for CBS News, from a former Las Vegas cop, Randy Sutton respectively:

“The way the shooter was identified was not from the muzzle flashes, but the smoke detector in the room went off from the amount of smoke that came from firing that fully automatic weapon,”

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo described Stephen Paddock as, let me quote:

“a distraught person intent on causing mass casualties.”

“We have no idea what his belief system was. We believe he was the sole aggressor.”

las vegas mass shooting


Here’s President Trump on the Las Vegas massacre: