Las Vegas Shooting Narrative Changes: Paddock Shot Security Guard Prior to Opening Fire on Concert Goers

las vegas massacre story changes

These are the latest news about the Las Vegas massacre: according to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s late Monday night presser, Stephen Paddock shot the security guard through the door before opening fire on the crowd attending a country-music concert nearby. This dramatic shift in the official narrative comes a week after Paddock killed 58 people and injured hundreds during one of the most bloodiest mass shootings in US history and it signals the fact that authorities are pretty much clueless with regard to what actually happened.

Here’s the official statement (click on the link for the video):


So, now Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo’ says that the security guard was shot 6 minutes before Paddock unleashed the massacre. Previously to this, Las Vegas police praised Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos as a hero, as he supposedly stopped the 10 minute assault by turning Stephen Paddock’s attention to the hotel hallway as he was checking another guest’s room for an open-door alert, thus saving countless lives in the process and so forth and so on.

This latest revelation proves  that Paddock stopped his 10 minute shooting rampage for no reason apparently, and then he waited in his hotel suite for one  full hour for the SWAT team to come get him, prior to him taking his own life, or so we are told.

The whole story makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, as Paddock had only fired 2 of the 23 (or 27) rifles in his hotel room, he had plenty of ammo left and a plethora of targets available. The thing is, if it wasn’t Campos the reason for which Paddock stopped his attack, what was it? He got cold feet? The new story claims that Campos was observed by the gunman via the surveillance system he set up on the hallway and was shot in the leg through the door.

The guard was shot at 9.59 p.m. local time, while Paddock started his 10 minute shooting rampage at 10.05 p.m. Furthermore,  Sheriff Lombardo changed his tune about the second shooter:


Got News claims to have an ATF source, a senior official involved in the investigation (ballistics work) who believes that Jesus Campos was actually an accomplice in the shooting and the official story is a massive coverup:

“They believe he killed Paddock, shot holes through the door and his own arm to produce physical evidence for his cover story, then went and lay next to the elevator,”

Also, they claim this theory would explain the clean shell-casings found on top of Stephen Paddock’s blood:

stephen paddock

Photo © David Becker / Getty Images / AFP