London Inferno as 24 Story Tower Engulfed in Flames

Grenfell Tower fire

Forty fire engines and two hundred firefighters were dispatched on Tuesday night as an inferno-like fire engulfed a residential high-rise building in West London. The massive fire extends from the 2nd floor of a 24 story building up to the top floor according to the London Fire Brigade.

A massive evacuation was required and according to an earlier statement from London Metro Police, a number of people have been already treated at the scene by emergency services as they’ve suffered from smoke inhalation.



The Grenfell Tower fire was described as being like Hell on Earth by the bystanders due to the huge blaze which ripped through the entire residential tower in Ladbroke Grow. A number of residents were trapped inside screaming for help. The building is essentially a block of flats and contains one hundred and twenty homes. Among the tower’s residents are many children and according to a witness talking to a BBC reporter, the number of casualties may be huge, in tens if not hundreds, as the witness described some folks jumping from windows looking for safety in an image which clearly resembles those dramatic scenes from the 9/11 terrorist attack.

 Grenfell Tower

Desperate residents of  Grenfell Tower were reported on social media of improvising ropes from sheets trying to escape the horrendous blaze which struck the building early in the AM, at approximately 1.16 AM local time.

 Grenfell Tower fire

According to Khalid Sarang, a 23 year old witness in a neighboring block, the scene was like Hell on Earth:

“I have friends who live on the top floor and I can’t get them on the phone.

“There is a family of four trapped up there now screaming.

“The first thing I heard were the screams and I came running out.

“It’s like hell on earth.”


Another eyewitness has said to reporters:

There are about 15 fire engines but they are struggling to get in and out because there is just one narrow road in and one narrow road out.

Onlookers have been advised by police and firefighters to keep their distance as there are fears the building (or parts of it) may collapse. There’s no word yet on casualties, stay tuned.