London Terror: Knife Attacker Shot by Cops Outside Parliament, Pedestrians Hit by Car on Bridge

Update: the attacker was described by a witness as

 an Asian guy in about his 40s carrying a knife about seven or eight inches long.

Westminster attacker named by police as Khalid Masood

  Update 2: 4 dead including a stabbed policeman, more than 20 (catastrophically) wounded and here’s a picture of the terrorist via Mirror UK who reportedly died in the hospital.

London police shot a knife wielding attacker who managed to enter inside the premises of the House of Commons in Westminster. At least 3 people have been hit, but it’s not clear if by the police fire on the attacker or by the knife attacker himself.



There were also claims of an explosion with emergency teams arriving at the scene, while witnesses told the news agencies  about a car being (intentionally) driven intro pedestrians on Westminster Bridge. UK’s Prime Minister was evacuated by the security forces and staff was recommended to stay inside.

The knife attacker managed to stab a police officer before getting shot. According to various reports, more than 10 people were hit by a car on Westminster Bridge by a vehicle described by witnesses as a 4×4 which was intentionally drove into cyclists and pedestrians.

Three bodies was observed lying on the ground outside of the Parliament while the Palace was immediately put on lock down by the police.

Here’s a picture with a victim of the car-attack lying wounded on the ground with bystanders providing first aid:

It is widely believed though not confirmed that the car attacker and the knife wielding man who was shot by the police are the same person, as the terrorist drove the 4×4 across the Bridge hitting people along his way then he crashed it into a fence and managed to get inside the Houses of Parliament’s premises.


This latest incident which seems to have all the ingredients of an islamic terrorist attack, i.e. car drove into pedestrians, knife wielding man attacking police officers etc comes just a week after the press found out that that UK’s intelligence services foiled no less than thirteen potential terrorist attacks in the last 4 years alone.

UK’s counter-terrorism units are currently running 500+ investigations and the official threat for terrorism was raised just a few weeks ago, just check out this article.