Machete Attack at Transylvania University in Kentucky

Mitchell Adkins

A relatively strange machete attack took place at Transylvania University campus in Kentucky on Saturday. When hearing about knife/machete attacks, we’re almost automatically thinking about islamic terrorists, but this time was very different, both regarding the attacker’s identity and his reasons. On a side note, even the “victims” were slightly injured, as there were reported no casualties, as in zero loss of life.

A 19 year old man has been arrested following a machete attack in the Glenn Building. His name is Mitchell Adkins and it seems like he’s a former student. According to Lexington Police Sgt. Jervis Middleton, the suspect entered the Glenn Building located inside the campus of Transylvania University in Kentucky carrying a bag full of different edged weapons, the likes of knives, machetes and various other gear.

A student who was witnessing the strange incident claims that as the suspect entered, he said something along the lines of: the day of reckoning has come and then he started asking people about their political views.

If the answer provided was “Republican”,  he said “you are safe”. During the attack, 2 women were injured by the suspect using a machete and one of them was rushed to a local hospital after she sustained non life threatening injuries.

The suspect was taken into custody by the Transylvania University campus police after opposing arrest. Mitchell Adkins was also taken to the hospital after he sustained self inflicted injuries, but the officials weren’t very specific about the latter issue. The police is currently investigating the attack, seeking to find out what was the motivation behind the suspect’s strange actions.

This seems to be the first right-wing related violent incident in recent memory, considering the suspect’s sympathy for the GOP.


Photo: Facebook