Machete Yielding Man Leaves One Dead, Several Injured in Hamburg; ‘Allahu Akbar’

hamburg stabbing

It looks like cultural enrichment strikes again in Germany, a country which embraced multiculturalism and open borders, as a machete yielding man went on a stabbing rampage in a Hamburg supermarket on Friday, screaming Allah Akbar in the process. In the aftermath of the attack, one person was killed by the assailant while several others were injured, some severely.

Four people were slashed by the attacker before onlookers managed to wrestle him to the ground. Reports from the German media say the (can we call this terrorism?) attacker screamed the well-known Islamic war-cry Allah Akbar during the “cultural enrichment operation”. The suspect (covered in blood)was handcuffed by police officers arriving at the scene and he is currently in custody.


The terrorist attack took place in an Edeka supermarket, in the northern part of Hamburg, Germany this afternoon (local time). A customer was knifed to death, while other four were slashed as the suspect fled the scene. The (currently unnamed) suspect managed to get away initially, but he was pursued by onlookers who managed to wrestle him down to the ground, as they’ve called the police.

The area was locked down as heavily armed security forces arrived at the scene, including police helicopters which buzzed the area. As the mainstream media mantra goes with every Islamic terrorist attack, no motive has been established for the knifing. Knife intifada rings a bell?

I guess not.


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