Mass Acid Attack at London Tube Station

Acid attacks are all the rage nowadays in the UK, and the latest happened on Saturday night, at approximately 20.00 p.m. local time, as at least 6 people were injured after a gang of black teens sprayed bystanders with acid in the Stratford shopping center in East London. The frighting mass attack created a huge panic, with witnesses reporting the injured people running for their lives, trying to wash their faces.

At least six people were treated by paramedics for acid-related injuries, and one victim was heard screaming repeatedly “I can’t see”. In the picture, you can see a white substance (thought to be acid) dripping from the Stratford shopping center’s doors. The attack occurred as a gang of black youths sprayed acid on innocent bystanders very close to the tube station,outside the shopping center, causing immense panic.

Is that really the best description they can give of monsters needing to be caught quickly? Given the hyped-up attention given to the ‘wonderful’ diversity in London – one might have thought they could have provided a little more detail, but whatever.

One man was arrested by London police on suspicion of GBH (grievous bodily harm), though terrorism was ruled out. According to witnesses, the acid was sprayed by, let me quote, “young black teenage males” following an argument breaking out among a group of people. The areas sprayed with acid were cordoned by police and a massive emergency services response followed the attack.

stratford acid attack

Witnesses reported people entering a Burger King restaurant nearby to wash the acid off their faces and clothes, while other victims were on the floor in agony, with their friends trying to help.

‘I was about to leave the station and a few guys were scattering, and there were guys on the floor in agony, with their friends all around them.’

said Zak Abdi who as at the scene shopping with his friends when the acid attack took place. He explained how they all saw the gang of black teens running away after they’ve “‘hit a group of men who looked like they were en route to a club’. 

‘Everyone was just jumping out of the way, trying to escape the whole thing. It was a scary moment for everyone.’

London Metro Police released an official statement which reads:

‘Police were called just before 8pm to the area around Stratford Shopping Centre to reports of a group of males spraying what is believed to be a noxious substance.

‘London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade have attended.

‘A number of people have been reported injured at different locations – believed to be six people. We await further details.

Photos via DailyMail