Mass Stabbing at University of Texas in Austin Leaves One Dead, Many Injured

Kendrex J. White

One person was confirmed dead after a number of people were injured in a mass stabbing that occurred earlier on Monday at the University of Texas in Austin. The suspect was apprehended by the police and is now in custody.

The mass stabbing attack on the University of Texas campus killed one person whilst injuring at least other two, according to EMS workers. The attack took place near Gregory Gym, where, according to an eye witness (freshmen Rachel Prichett), the suspect attacked his first victim by grabbing him by the shoulder then stabbing him in the back using a small curved blade, slashing him wide open (the witnesses’ words).

The incident provoked mass panic, with the students running away screaming. Rachel Prichett then spotted a second victim, bleeding yet still alive, slumped over at a nearby table. The UT confirmed the death of one of their students,Mr. Harrison Brown respectively.

The UT Police Department identified the mass stabbing suspect during a presser on Monday morning. His name is Kendrex J. White, a biology junior at UT (pictured).

The UT Police Department said that they’ve received additional reports about the suspect assaulting other people prior to the in-campus attack, somewhere  across the street from Speedway and San Jacinto, on the 200 block of East 21st Street. This time, Kendrex J. White used a large bowie-style knife.

It took two minutes for the police officers to arrive at the scene, during which the suspect stabbed 4 victims in total, three being white males and 1 Asian male, all of them very young, in their early twenties.

This is a video made by the suspect back in 2012 at his Killeen Texas residence where he plays a Haitian historical figure, an early revolutionary leader who planned mass murders of whites in Haiti in the 1790s. The video reenacts the murder of whites, including using knives. So yes, this is probably racially motivated.


Photo: Twitter