Mexican Made Fords Used to Smuggle Drugs

drug bust Mexico

Approximately one million dollars worth of pot has been found in Ford  Fusion cars made in Mexico and transported through Warren to Kent. It seems like drug lords are getting increasingly sophisticated, as the chief of the Youngstown Federal Drug Enforcement Administration described how a very recent (and huge) pot smuggling operation with connections to Warren was annihilated. Also, this kind of operation was the first he had seen in this area.

The head of the local Drug Enforcement Administration Bob Bolzano described how a similar drug bust was made in Minnesota back in April of 2017. The drug smuggling operation used the wheel well for spare tires in brand new Ford Fusion cars manufactured in Ford’s Sonora plant for hiding large amounts of pot. The marijuana stash was initially found at a Ford dealership in Kent, as one of their Ford Fusion vehicles was unloaded from a carrier. Soon thereafter, the DEA agents managed to find 14 more marijuana packages hidden in other Ford Fusions, all of which arriving at the dealership from a rail yard in Warren.

The DEA confiscated approximately 14,5 kilograms of pot per car, which amounts to 200 pounds in total, which translates into a street-value between 400k to one million dollars. The case is currently investigated by both the Drug Enforcement Administration and the  Portage County Sheriff’s Office. The same modus operandi, i.e. drug cartels smuggling pot across the border inside Mexico-made Ford Fusions was observed recently in Minnesota following a string of similar drug-busts, and it’s widely believed that former boss El Chapo’s cartel is involved in this lucrative “business”.