New York ISIS Terrorist Taunts President on Facebook

port authority terrorist attack

Bangladesh native Akayed Ullah, i.e. the suspect in the failed suicide-bombing/terrorist attack on the New York subway system posted on Facebook (prior to the bomb being detonated):

Trump you failed to protect your nation

Correction: liberal judges and politicians have failed to allow Trump and the law to protect us from terrorism.

Just as a quick reminder, the ISIS terrorist tried on Monday to blow himself up  at the Port Authority terminal in New York City. The Bangladesh native was admitted in the United States in 2011 on a family (chain migration) visa. Prior to the attempted suicide-bombing terrorist attack, the Islamic terrorist pledged allegiance to ISIS and also posted the aforementioned statement on social media before he left his residence on Monday.

Ullah said that he targeted the Port Authority Stateion because of, let me quote: “Christmas-themed posters.”