Ocean Pollution Enters Human Food: Plastic Found in Mussels from Arctic to China

plastic pollution mussels

According to a study released earlier this month by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), the mussels in Arctic waters are contaminated with plastic, i.e. they were found to contain most plastic of any tested on the Norwegian coast. The same goes for mussels in China, which means that what we’re dealing with here is a global contamination problem, which ends up on our plates.

NIVA researcher Amy Lusher was quoted as saying:

Microplastics have been found in mussels everywhere scientists have looked”

and that includes China, Chile, Canada, Britain and Belgium. It is not known what’s the impact of eating mussels containing tiny bits of plastic on human health. In case you did not know, mussels are the carp of the oceans. They clean up everything small enough to be filtered in. The moral of the story is: never touch a bottom dwelling, filter feeder, they’re toxic.

Unlike the global warming hoax, this problem appears to be real, i.e. plastics breakdown in the oceans in virtually non-destructible tiny particles. One of the biggest problems is how the particles are affecting plankton and from there, the entire food chain. We regulate fish catches for various species in our territorial waters and have treaties for some species beyond. Yet at the beginning of the oceanic food chain we are finding significant amounts of plankton life is being diseased or killed off.

This has been known for some time now, there are islands of garbage floating around in the ocean and no one makes it their business to clean it up. And the manufacturing of plastic needs to be better regulated, as almost all of plastic containers can be replaced by glass and aluminium and if that’s too expensive, then they can pay extra taxes (like cigarette smokers) to have this crap cleaned up!  Figure it out and fast!

Let’s remember the late 70’s, when everyone pushed to replace paper/glass with plastic. And who was to blame? A bunch of liberals (read leftists, eco-nazis et al), too stupid to realize that the paper bag was biodegradable and the trees are a renewable resource. So here we are now, almost 50 years later; at least it’s nice to know that mollusks are apparently attempting to break down all the libs’ plastic water bottles and grocery bags.