Passenger Terror as Plane Engine DISINTEGRATES Mid-Air on Flight from Paris to LA (VIDEO)

air france AF66 engine explodes

The video of the engine of an Air France Airbus A380 disintegrating mid air on flight from Paris to Los Angeles is something worth seeing, so let’s begin with the most spectacular part of the article:

As you can see, the entire engine basically exploded in a huge fireball after putting the fear of God in the airplane’s horrified passengers, who witnessed the horrific show for more than twenty minutes, as vibrations shook the cabin following a loud bang. The Super Jumbo Airbus A380 jetliner managed to perform an emergency landing at a Canadian military base on Goose Bay, Newfoundland on Saturday.

One of the four engines of the jetliner was completely destroyed. Passengers reported a huge collision-like sound while the plane was flying 35,000 feet in the air, and some speculated the airplane might have hit a bird, or maybe Superman, because jet engines are designed to withstand the impact with a bird, though I can’t imagine what bird flies at 35,000 feet.

Fortunately, none of the 520 passengers aboard the airplane was injured. The engines on the Airbus A380 are built and designed by GE/Pratt Whitney.