Police Helicopter Crashes in Charlottesville, 2 Officers Killed

police officers killed helicopter crash

According to an official statement from Virginia state police, a helicopter belonging to one of their agencies crashed on Saturday evening killing 2 police officers. The helicopter was used to monitor the white nationalist rally which took place in Charlottesville yesterday and while it was monitoring the violent clashed between ANTIFA and white supremacists, thus assisting law enforcement officials, it crashed somewhere outside of Charlottesville at approximately 4.50 PM local time.



The officers killed in the crash were identified as Lieutenant H Jay Cullen, 48 year old and Trooper Pilot Berke MM Bates, 40 year old. Both were found dead at the scene by emergency responders. The helicopter crashed in the close vicinity of Birdwood Golf Course in Old Farm Road . The crash was deemed as an accident, i.e. no foul play was suspected.

So far, at least three people were confirmed dead and 26 injured in the aftermath of the violent protests that shocked Charlottesville residents on Saturday. Together with the accidental death of the police officers killed in the helicopter crash, a third person was killed as a car was intentionally plowed into a crowd during the clashes between ANTIFA/Black Live Matters activists/counter-protesters and white supremacists.

According to early police reports and witnesses, the driver of the vehicle was a member of the white supremacist movement and the victims were all ANTIFA counter-protesters. Here’s the mugshot of the suspect identified as James Alex Fields, a 20 year old male from Ohio:


Interestingly enough, with the mainstream media obsessing about white supremacists and Nazis, nobody seems to care about ANTIFA and BLM activists who were the ones disrupting the event in the first place. Here’s an interesting video:


And while we’re on the subject of Terry McAulliffe, what do you suppose were the nature of his communications with the Charlottesville city council prior to their vote to stage this statue removal back in April, and also prior to this weekend’s protests?

This entire event has all of the smell of McAulliffe on it. He declared a state of emergency. This was no emergency . You could have predicted that exactly what happened today is exactly what was supposed to happen when you put the Nazis, KKK, BLM and ANTIFA in the same place at the same time, couldn’t you have? That’s no emergency. What happened was supposed to happen.

This was a staged event. No , you don’t have to conspire with the KKK, BLM, Antifa, the Nazis, or any other radical group. All you have to do is bring them together and let nature take its course, which is EXACTLY what happened here.

All day the media has been tying the 2 deaths from the helicopter crash to this demonstration. That is a real stretch unless it was shot down from the ground, which I doubt. But the headline is “White Supremacist Rally Kills 3”

I don’t think President Trump will invite the Unite the Right protest leaders to the White House to thank them for their “activism”, like Barry Obama did for Black Lives Matter and for their looting and  rioting, arson and burning buildings/businesses, burning cars/cop cars, all based on a lie, and then still targeting  “PIGS IN A BLANKET”, like the NYC female cop killed three weeks ago by a Black Lives Matters thug.

ANTIFA are elements and leaders from Communist groups like ANSWER, The Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and the most important, the Communist Party USA! All supported by the Democrat Party and “The Communist Party Wing of the Democrat Party!”

The left were silent on BLM and ANTIFA riots and now they’re demanding Trump speak up against this LEGAL protest. They supported ILLEGAL riots and are silent when our bravest are murdered.