Report: UK Muslim Gang Rampaged Streets to Attack White ‘non-Muslims’

According to a very recent report from the United Kingdom, the multicultural pearl of the European Union, a band of young Muslims was terrorizing people in Liverpool, attacking whites for the sole reason of being non-Muslims. The Muslim gang was reported to the police as a witness feared its members to be ISIS operatives/extremists, leading to UK’s counter-terrorist police to raid the homes of three of the gang’s members.

Three young Muslim men were arrested: Mohammed Patel, Amin Mohmed and Faruq Patel.

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The happy bunch targeted at least three (unknown) Brits, until they’ve set upon their latest victim, Gary Bohanna respectively, who was specifically attacked for being Christian. Mohammed Patel and Amin Mohmed were filmed by Faruq Patel as they attacked Paul Lynch, a St. Helens councilor and threw him to the ground, with his terrified girlfriend trying to protect him.

A British judge, Recorder Louise Brandon respectively listened to the counter terrorist officers testimonies after they’ve raided the 3 Muslims homes in Bolton after the violent incidents happened on March 20 last year. The prosecutor Paul Treble said the gang of three were reportedly seen by a fellow Muslim, Edris Nosrati as they were attacking an unidentified man in Bold Street early in the AM. The witness (Nosrati) was disturbed because of of the assailants used racist language, talking about Muslims and Christians.

One of the attackers came up to Edris Nosrati and inquired him by saying: Are you a Muslim? Edris said he was, but he was asked to prove his allegiance:

‘well, what’s the Muslim word?’”

Edris replied with a phrase in Arabic which translates:

 “There is only one God, and Muhammad is a messenger.”

, a phrase often related with Islamic terrorists and ISIS. Edris Nosrati was let go, but when he tried to stop the gang from hitting another man, he was told it’s none of his business. Then he followed the three to Renshaw Street, where Gary Bohanna was accosted and asked “what are you?”. Obviously, the man got confused, but when one of the assailants said “I’m a Muslim, what are you”, Bohanna said “I’m a Christian”. Shouting “why aren’t you a Muslim?”, the gang started punching Mr. Bohanna.

The next victim was Labor Councillor for Moss Bank  Paul Lynch who was together with his girlfriend Jill. Faruq captured video-footage with Mohmed punching the Labor Councillor with a sickening blow. Faruq can be heard laughing as Paul Lynch falls to the ground. Edris Nosrati called the police, Faruq tried to flee but he was kept in place by Mr. Edris, even if a fight ensued. Initially, the three claimed they were attacking people because they were drunk, they can’t remember anything and the whole nine yards. One of them (Mohammed) said he was the one racially abused by other men, however, later on he admitted to be targeting people due to their whiteness and being non Muslim.

The judge has said:

“This was a disgraceful and sustained campaign of violence carried out on the streets of this city. References to the fact he was not a Muslim was made and you appeared to justify your actions because of certain beliefs you held.”

Mohmed has previous convictions for battery and criminal damage . The three were sentenced to jail in a young offenders institution: Mohmed and Mohammad received 42 weeks each while Faruq Patel only got 18 weeks.

Their sentences are completely inadequate. Take away the racial aggravating factor and you still have assault. People have been given much longer for less.

Now compare their sentences to the man who was jailed for a year for throwing a bacon sandwich at a Mosque. In his case, the judge said it was a “attack on “British values”, whatever that means anymore. The man I refer to has since died in prison, google his name Kevin Crehan and you will see TM newspapers have made no mention of this man’s death, no cause of death released, no inquest.

Now again read the story above, compare the sentences, google the man and his death…and “let that sink in”!