Riot Games Wins Long-Running Lawsuit against LeagueSharp

Riot Games Wins Long-Running Lawsuit against LeagueSharp

Riot Games has finally won the long-running legal suit against Leaguesharp, according to reports.

It has been reported that in what may finally mark the end of a long running legal battle between these two companies, the courts ordered that Leaguesharp ceases to operate within a specified period of time.

It has also been reported that the courts ordered Leaguesharp to pay Riot Games about $10 million in settlement of the issues surrounding the case.

The controversy between these two companies is based on a series of allegations that Riot has levelled against leaguesharp. Essentially, Riot has claimed that Leaguesharp is a game breaking service that uses its websites and business model to fleece genuine gaming companies like Riot.

Leaguesharp allows its users to create accounts and play some of the most popular games created by leading gaming companies such as Riot Games.

In this case, Riot Games claimed that Leaguesharp used a business model that allowed people to create accounts and deliberately access games without permission.

It has been reported that Riot Games further alleged that Leaguesharp made money from the manner in which some of its customers surreptitiously created and sold gaming accounts to new or other less experienced players who wanted to excel in particular games.

Interestingly, Riot Games claimed that Leaguesharp attempted to dodge the judgement by doing a number of amusing things like creating a shell company that was registered in Peru.

It has been alleged that Leaguesharp created the shell company in a bid to avoid paying the impending fees.

Also, Riot Games has claimed that Leaguesharp attempted to destroy all the evidence that it knew would be critical in the case.

Leaguesharp is yet to respond to any of these allegations about its attempted antics of destroying evidence or hiding its real identity by creating a fake Peru-registered legal entity.

However, observers believe that it is likely that Leaguesharp may have attempted to dodge responsibility in the case.

After the ruling, Leaguesharp posted on its website details about the case and what it was going to do in a bid to comply with the ruling.

The company said that it was obliged to comply with the ruling and apologised to its customers.

‘Riot Games filed a suit against us, claiming that we were violating its terms of use by allowing our customer to access League of Legends on our platform,’ the company said.

The company went ahead to ask its clients not to use third party tools when playing the game for this would automatically result in their Riot Games accounts getting banned.

Leaguesharp has been offering its customers two types of accounts, a limited one that costs $15 per month and an unlimited one that costs $50 per month.