Serial Cat Killer Gets 16 Years in Jail

robert farmer cat killer

Following pet owners highly emotional pleas about their slain cats,  a judge sentenced the San Jose based serial cat killer (yes, people are that messed up in San Jose!) to the max (16 years in jail) on Friday. The San Jose resident pleaded guilty as charged to killing, torturing and, take a load of this: sexually abusing a dead cat.

To sum it up, this disturbed guy will spend a lot of time in jail (instead of a psychiatric ward) for killing 21 cats, not to mention necrophilia involving a cat, as I doubt there’s a single word (zoo-necrophilia maybe?) to describe a man sexually abusing a dead cat. I am only kidding of course, but to tell you the truth, I can’t picture an animal (other than a human that is) doing something so crazy and messed up to another species. Humans are really special, isn’t it?

The prosecution requested for our guy Robert Farmer to be registered as a sex offender, but the Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Sharon A. Chatman rejected the respective request, saying that there’s not enough forensic evidence to build a strong enough case regarding Farmer sexually abusing a dead cat. And due to this minor technicality, Robert Farmer will serve time in county jail, not in prison, as he’ll benefit from a state program that aims at reducing prison overcrowding for minor felonies.

Robert Farmer has spent time in jail since October 2015 when he was discovered by San Jose police as he was asleep in his vehicle in the company of a dead cat. The investigation that followed discovered that Robert was the culprit behind a “crime spree” which stretched over 2 months. During the two months period, this guy abducted, tortured and killed 21 cats. Robert Farmer defended himself by saying he was out of his mind while he committed these atrocious acts. This is from a letter written by Farmer and read to the court by his defense attorney Wesley Schroeder:

“It feels like another man committed these crimes, but I know it was me. It’s so hard to grasp I did this. I stole a member of their family.”

Farmer will be released in 2030, provided he does not violate the rules or commits additional crimes while behind bars. Some may argue that 50 years ago, it was common practice to get a pillow case with a brick in it, put the kittens in the pillow case, tie a knot and then toss the pillow case with knot, kittens and the brick into a body of water.

Now, people freak out about a bunch of dead cats while driving past an abortion clinic.

However, do you remember Jeffrey Dahmer? He also started with small animals before moving on to humans, whom he would kill, rape and eat. The total body count (Dahmer’s “human” victims) was 17 that they know of.