Sheriff Drops Bombshell About FBI’s Vegas Shooting Investigation (VIDEO)

‘Individual Of Federal Interest’

las vegas shooting

Joe Lombardo, Las Vegas’ sheriff just dropped bombshell information, as he revealed that the FBI has an ongoing case against an individual, other than Marilou Danley, Paddock’s girlfriend. As far as the official story goes, Stephen Paddock is the author of America’s worst mass shooting, as he opened fired with an automatic weapon (or more) on a country music festival back in October, 2017, from his room overlooking the event at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, injuring hundreds of people and killing 58, himself included.

During his first press conference on the Las Vegas massacre since October, sheriff Joe Lombardo said:

“We do not anticipate charges being brought forward against Marilou Danley. As to any other people, the FBI has an ongoing case against an individual of federal interest. I will not be able to elaborate on that statement as because it’s a pending investigation. Any further information in reference to that individual can be provided by the FBI.”


Sheriff Lombardo also reiterated that Stephen Paddock was the only person responsible for the shooting, as in he acted alone/he was a lone-wolf and the only suspect, though there was no evidence found of any ideological motivations (such as in radicalization) for the worst mass shooting in US history, which is rather incomprehensible. By the way, FBI now tells us that they’ve found “child porn” on Paddock’s laptop.

Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen, I am aware of that. However, if you have any doubts about this shooting, go look at the videos on YouTube, if they haven’t taken them all down by now, and just listen to all the gunfire in the video, then imagine some 64 year old professional video poker player(that’s really funny) who looks like death warmed over in his media pictures, running back and forth firing constantly with automatic weapons from 2 different windows, as per the official story.

Then add in that he also had time to rip 200 plus rounds down the hallway of the 32nd floor through the door, as he was shooting at that security guard. One may ask what happened to all the other people staying on the 32nd floor? I haven’t heard one word or had any interviews on TV with anyone that was on the floor in the same wing. I mean, there had to be people staying there.

The thing that I find most strange is the fact that we haven’t seen a single piece of security footage from any of the hotels involved. Recently, we learned that Paddock was sending emails to himself from different accounts and that he actually was a weapons dealer. 

Within 12 hours of the shooting, the FBI held a press conference saying it was not an act of terrorism. But they can’t unlock the shooter’s cell phone, and could not find Paddock’s laptop hard-drive. Funny how the FBI was so quick to rule out terrorism. So what do we have by now?

An old fat dude addicted to video poker, with child porn on his computer, who gambled compulsively (just prior to the attack) then murdered a bunch people from the broken windows high up from an expensive hotel, using an armory of weapons, then commit suicide for no reason whatsoever.

Nothing makes sense in this story.