Shock Video: Cop Violently Arrests Nurse Trying to Protect Unconscious Patient From Unauthorized Blood Draw

utah nurse brutally arrested

Here’s the footage released by hospital surveillance cameras and police body camera showing the brutal arrest of a nurse (Alex Wubbels) at University Hospital in Salt Lake City. After explaining to a police officer that under hospital rules, she is not allowed to draw a blood sample from an unconscious person as per the police request, she was brutally arrested and forcefully dragged in the police car while screaming for help.

The claimed illegal arrest happened on July 26th, when nurse Alex Wubbels was trying to defend an unconscious truck driver, who was the victim of a hit and run accident. After a Salt Lake city police detective asked Alex Wubbels  to take a blood sample from the truck driver, she politely explained that in order for her to comply, the police officer at the scene would require consent (from the unconscious patient that is), a warrant or that the respective patient would have to be under arrest before she could draw a blood sample.

The police officer basically snapped and according to the nurse (corroborated with the video footage), he assaulted her and put her under arrest for no reason. It certainly looks like the nurse did nothing wrong, as she correctly informed the police detective/the officer at the scene on the administrative/hospital rules (reading them from a paper), i.e. the 3 things that would allow a nurse to draw blood from a patient: electronic warrant, patient consent or the patient should be under arrest. Even if the police officer acknowledged all that, Alex Wubbels was handcuffed and dragged out of the hospital as she was screaming, then taken to the police station where she was finally released without charges.

An investigation is currently underway, while Detective Jeff  Payne is still active/on duty, even if he was suspended from the blood-draw program. Amazingly enough, the nurse did not press charges so far.

Here’s the shocking video: