Shooting Rampage in Fresno Leaves 3 Dead, Suspect Screams Allah Akbar

A suspect later identified as Kori Ali Muhammad opened fire at 10 45 AM on Tuesday in the 300 block of North Van Ness Avenue in Fresno while screaming Allah Akbar, leaving 3 people dead. The gunman was jumped by the police who managed to capture him alive, which is nothing short of miraculous.

The suspect fired 16 rounds while the shooting occurred in a sequence of sorts, one after another in 4 different locations, according to reports from witnesses.

Kori Ali Muhammad was already on an APB as he was the main suspect in a shooting last week, during which a motel security guard was murdered. According to reports, the first victim of the shooting was a passenger riding into a Pacific Gas & Electric vehicle. The driver managed to escape and alerted the police about the incident.

The gunman continued walking down the street, shooting randomly at innocent bystanders. His second victim was gunned down on the sidewalk while the 3rd was executed in cold blood in the parking lot of Catholic Charities.

Muhammad screamed Allahu Akbar before being taken down by the security forces, according to Police Chief Jerry Dyer. The police recovered 16 (spent) .357 caliber shell casings, but they did not find the gun itself, which is pretty strange. Chief Jerry Dyer said that the suspect’s Facebook page shows that, let me quote the man himself:

“He does not like white people, and he has anti-government sentiments.”

The police did not determine so far if the shooting is “terrorism related”, despite the fact that the suspect used the islamic terrorism trademark “Allah Akbar” phrase both on social media and during the shooting. All the four men shot and killed by Muhammad were white.



So much for gun control in California. If this guy had been white, they would have immediately charged him with terrorism and hate crimes. Liberals with their identity politics and naive cries for “diversity” have become the pawns for Jihad and Hijrah.

Source: Los Angeles TimesThe Fresno BeeYour Central Valley