Shootout Near Avignon Mosque in France as Gunman Opens Fire on Crowd

france mosque shooting

Two masked man opened fire just outside a mosque in Avignon, France late on Sunday, leaving eight people injured. Avignon is a small city in Provence, southern France and according to early police reports, the shootout isn’t terrorism related. Eyewitnesses  quoted by the local newspaper La Provence described two hooded men arriving at the scene (the Arrahma mosque) in a Renault Clio at approximately ten thirty local time.

Upon their arrival, the two opened fire at the crowd right outside the mosque for no apparent reason. One of the suspects was armed with a rifle and the other one with a handgun, probably a pistol.



Following the shootout, four people were injured, but not with life-threatening wounds. A family of 4, one of which is a seven year girl living at the second floor of the building were slightly injured by shrapnel according to early police reports. With the police still investigating the incident and the gunmen  not apprehended just yet, the French authorities strangely claim the shootout is not terrorism related, which is very strange to say the least. Actually, French police is completely dismissing terrorism as a possible motive according to La Provence newspaper.

Also, Laure Chabaud, the permanent magistrate at the Avignon parquet, which is something along the lines of an AG in the United States jurisprudence issued a statement saying that the police believes the whole incident to be gang related, i.e. a settling of accounts between local youth gangs.