Strange Chemical Incident in South London Leaves Dozens Vomiting, Prompts Evacuation

london chemical incident

A very unusual incident took place on Sunday morning in South London, as dozens of residents were evacuated from their homes following a mysterious illness  which affected at least 7 people, including 2 children. British authorities decided to put South London street on lock-down and 24 people were evacuated from Alwold Crescent, Lee, after neighbors reported an unusual/pungent smell and a number of vomiting residents were taken to the local hospital, sparking fears of a “chemical incident”, which is probably the politically correct term for terrorism using chemical weapons.

7 people accusing symptoms of nausea and vomiting received emergency medical attention at the scene, while 2 children were rushed to the hospital as a precautionary measure, in order to receive further treatment if so required. According to British intelligence (Scotland Yard), the so-called chemical incident is not believed to be crime/terrorism related, but no details were offered so far. However, news agencies quoting  local witnesses claim that the British authorities arriving at the scene of the “chemical incident” were investigating the city’s sewage system, looking for the mysterious substance that provoked the evacuation of 24 residents.

One of the witnesses said that a number people were complaining of feeling unwell for the last few days, accusing irritation and some of them were throwing up all morning. Also, after questioning the cops investigating the “crime scene”, he has been told not to panic, as the incident is not terror related. It’s still unclear what caused the chemical incident, as London’s Fire Brigade found no raised levels of toxins or chemicals.

If you are wondering why a terrorist would bother to attack such a small and seemingly insignificant target, the answer is pretty simple: just as a test, a dry-run of sorts before the big one. Stay tuned.