Terror in Canada: Van Slams Pedestrians, Cop Rammed, Stabbed, ISIS Flag Found in Vehicle

edmonton terrorist attack

Update: Canadian authorities have named the suspect in the Edmonton terror attack as Somali refugee Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, a known extremist investigated by police in 2015.

A terrorist attack just took place in Edmonton, Canada, as a driver carrying an ISIS flag deliberately smashed his vehicle into pedestrians after forcing it through a barricade. Prior to the carnage, he slammed another vehicle into a police cruiser and started stabbing (repeatedly) a police officer.

The attack happened at approximately 8.15 p.m. local time when a U-haul truck was slammed into pedestrians just outside Commonwealth Stadium. At least 4 pedestrians were injured after an U-Haul van went on a rampage through downtown Edmonton.

Prior to the the vehicular attack, the perpetrator stabbed repeatedly an officer doing traffic control for the Edmonton Eskimos game near 93 Street and 107A Avenue. After that, he drove the U-Haul van through a police block, then rammed it into pedestrians as he was chased by police cars in downtown Edmonton.

The pedestrians were hit as the terrorist sped down on Jasper Avenue.

The Edmonton authorities are treating this attack as terrorism after an ISIS flag was found inside the Chevy Malibu. According to Canadian authorities, the suspect is currently into custody and apparently he acted alone.

Edmonton police chief Rod Knetch described how the suspect first crashed the Chevrolet Malibu into a police officer’s vehicle, then he got out from the car holding a knife and attacked the officer, stabbing him multiple times. The police officer was not killed in the attack and he’s in stable condition.

The suspect then ran away on foot and about 2 hours later, a U-haul van was pulled over on Wayne Gretzky Drive and 112 Avenue  by another police officer during a routine check-stop, who observed that the driver’s name matches that of the suspect in the earlier incident (which is rather strange). The suspect sped away and as he was being chased by police cruisers, he rammed the van into pedestrians and finally was caught after a high speed pursuit in downtown Edmonton.

The name of the terrorist was not released yet, just the fact he’s a 30 year old male.



edmonton terrorist attack