Terror in Europe: Attacks in Germany and Switzerland

Two seemingly unrelated attacks took place on Thursday in both Germany in Switzerland. The first one happened in Germany, Dusseldorf where a 36 year old man yielding an ax attacked people randomly in a train station.

The attack left 7 people injured while the train station was put on lockdown. Anti-terror security forces were deployed at Dusseldorf’s central station and witnesses reported multiple suspects on the run.

According to German police, a 13 years old girl was injured by the attacker and three of the 7 victims are in serious condition, with no deaths reported so far. The attack occurred at around 9 PM local time and the victims were left bleeding on the ground as the attacker tried to flee the police by jumping a walkway.

The suspect was later arrested under a railway bridge or at least one of them, as the police keeps it very hush hush.

As usual, German authorities are giving next to zero details and they’re saying prima facie that they believe the suspect was mentally ill, which seems to be code word for Islamic terrorism nowadays.

All that we know from the Police reports is that the apprehended attacker comes from former Yugoslavia, which again, in Orwellian newspeak means probably Bosnia, a Muslim majority country and has “mental problems”(there’s no Yugoslavia anymore since the 90’s so one may wonder about why the German police is ferreting with words).

The second horror show took place in Switzerland, Basel,  8.15 PM local time when 2 gunmen entered Cafe 56 and opened fire at customers leaving at least 2 dead and another 1 seriously injured. The attackers managed to get away from the scene heading towards the Badischer railway station. There’s a massive manhunt underway currently in Switzerland.

Are these 2 attacks which took place very close to each other in neighboring countries related? Well, we’ll have to wait and see about that, as details are scarce so far but we’ll keep you updated.

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