Terror in France: Driver Plows Van Into 2 Bus Stops, At Least 1 Killed

marseille terrorist attack

At least one person was killed after an unidentified driver intentionally plowed a Renault Master van into 2 bus shelters in Marseille, France. Another pedestrian was seriously injured in the horrific attack. A massive police and military response followed the event, with heavily armed soldiers being deployed in the port city of Marseille in southern France.

According to early police reports, the driver, an unidentified 35 years old man, was arrested on the spot and he’s currently into custody. Even if the French authorities are not investigating the attack as a terrorist incident (at least for now) and there are mentions/innuendos in the local press about the attacker’s mental health (as usual), the attack was planned in advance, i.e. the Renault Master van was stolen, while  the 2 separate attacks occurred within the course of an hour, which means the whole operation was premeditated, as in deliberate.


marseille terror

The first attack took place on Monday morning, at 8.30 AM local time in the Marseille’s 13th district, while the second occurred at 9.30 AM in the city’s 11th district. A 42 years old woman was killed at the latter location. The van was immobilized by French security forces near the old port and the 35 year old male-driver was taken into custody. Police sources told local newspapers that there are no clues so far about this being a terrorist incident and they hinted the attacker’s mental health is currently being investigated.

Truth be told, for a simple van accident, why are there three guys in full white overalls and masks, a street closed off, at least 4 motorcycle cops with guns and headlines all over the world? The last time that old lady shunted me in Tesco car park, we just swapped numbers and she buggered off. Maybe the armed cops and bomb squad arrived just after we left?

This latest cultural enrichment comes as EU countries are on high alert following a series of 3 consecutive Islamic terrorist attacks in Spain last week, which saw fourteen people killed by North African and Moroccan terrorists. One of the Barcelona attackers is still at large and there are fears he escaped in France via EU’s open borders policy. Finland was next on the list after the Spain terrorist attacks.

A mass stabbing took place in Finland last week, courtesy of another Moroccan asylum seeker. Both Morocco and North Africa are predominantly Muslim. Marseille is also boasting a massive 40% Muslim population.

Photo: Boris Horvat / Reuters, Twitter