Terror in Germany: Machine-Gun Attack in Nightclub Leaves 2 Dead

Grey Club Konstanz Terrorist Attack

Update: the attacker was described as an Iraqi national, stay tuned.

After Friday machete-terrorist-attack in Hamburg by a rejected (known Islamist) Palestinian asylum seeker (later identified as Ahmad A) which left one dead and six injured, now we have the Konstanz nightclub shooting. According to police reports, two people (including the attacker) have been killed and 3 were seriously injured after a machine-gun yielding man opened fire in a nightclub in a small city (Konstanz) located very close to the Swiss border.

The attacker was killed very quickly by the special commando forces deployed at the scene. A helicopter was also seen searching the area for potential accomplices.

The suspect was not identified by German security officials, but we know he’s a 34 year old who was killed in the gunfight with German special forces (he died later in the hospital). The shooting occurred in the Grey nightclub located on Max Stromeyer Strasse at approximately 4:30 AM (local time. A police officer was also wounded during the fire exchange with the suspect. It is unclear for now if the suspect acted alone or he had accomplices.

It is very fortunate that German commandos arrived at the scene in a matter of minutes after the assailant opened fire in the packed Grey nightclub, or else it would have been a massacre. According to witnesses, the suspect tried to flee from the scene after shooting at innocent revelers but he was quickly tracked down by German security forces. At the time of the attack, the Grey club  was hosting a student night.

This seems to be the new normal in multicultural Europe and people are not even paying too much attention anymore, as they’re trained by the mainstream-media to just “deal with it” and accept these ” unavoidable small-scale” terrorist attacks (usually described as mentally disturbed people) , where fewer people are killed compared to the blood-baths from the recent past (Bataclan shooting, Nice etc). Enjoy Merkel’s vibrant diversity Germany…