Terror in Paris: 2 Police Officers Shot and Killed in AK 47 Attack on Champs Elysees

UPDATE: ISIS claims responsibility for the terrorist atack. Killer Named Abu Yousef al-Belgiki

The story is developing quickly, but from what we know so far, two French police officers were shot and killed with an automatic weapon, an AK 47 respectively (the army of choice for terrorists and insurgents) while another one was wounded in the attack.

The shooting occurred on the iconic Champs Elysees, very close to a location where the candidates in the French presidential election were debating. According to reports from witnesses, one attacker was killed after the cops were basically ambushed while they were sitting in their car at a red light in France’s capital, Paris.

It’s almost sure that this type of ambush attack on police is a terrorist attack, as there were multiple gunmen wielding AK 47 assault weapons. After the incident, French security forces (heavily armed) flooded the area and currently, they are combing east Paris, searching the (dead) shooter’s residence for clues. According to a French TV News station, the dead cop-killer bragged on social media previously that he’s going to kill police officers.

At least two active shooters were involved in what appears to be a new breed of terrorism in France’s capital. The policemen were deliberately targeted by the perpetrators which indicates that this type of attacks against the French state representatives will be the new norm in multicultural France.

The terrorist attack occurred as French presidential candidates took shots one at another (pun intended) in a heated debate right in the vicinity of the shooting-scene. It’s obvious that Marine Le Pen, the Front National leader who is against open borders and immigration will benefit enormously from this (most probably islamic) terrorist attack.

French President Francois Hollande summoned an emergency meeting on Thursday following the shooting on French’s touristic landmark. There are unconfirmed reports that the second gunman is still at large and has fired shots in a nearby shopping mall. There’s a heavy presence of security forces in riot gear and body armor at the scene.

This latest terrorist attack comes in the aftermath of French police arresting 2 muslim men in Marseille on Wednesday. The suspects were preparing a terrorist attack aimed at disrupting the 1st round of French presidential election which takes place on Sunday. Guns and explosives were found at the suspect’s apartment.