Terror in Sweden as Truck Rams Into Crowd of Shoppers

At Least 4 Dead, More than a Dozen Injured

Stockholm police arrested a muslim man in the North of the city who has reportedly confessed to be the perpetrator of a terrorist truck attack. The 39 year old terrorist is most likely from Uzbekistan, a muslim majority country, and he is suspected of being an ISIS fanatic who disseminated jihadi propaganda on his Facebook account.

The attack took place earlier on Friday, when a stolen beer truck was slammed into pedestrians/shoppers on a very crowded Stockholm street.

According to a Reuters report quoting a local Swedish paper (Aftonbladet), the terrorist suffered minor injuries and the security forces are currently trying to hunt/dismantle a terrorist cell, or something along these lines.

Four people were killed and at least 15 injured, including children, of which 9 are in serious/life threatening condition.

terrorist attack sweden

Swedish police were interviewing a number of people from the Drottninggatan district which are suspected to have been involved in the terrorist attack. There were also unconfirmed reports of a shooting taking place at the scene of the attack.

Witnesses described how a a large truck, most probably stolen, was slammed deliberately into a crowd on a busy shopping strip. Some witnesses reported as many as three masked people jumping out of the truck in the aftermath of the carnage and leaving the scene on foot.

A police official was quoted as saying:

We don’t know whether this incident is isolated or whether we can expect more.

“We have police positioned at several strategic places with a particular risk threat.

I would bet on the “expect more” part.

Two were arrested or shot by the Swedish police, but then again, these are unconfirmed reports. Stefan Lofven, the country’s Prime Minister said that the crash was a terrorist attack and that comes as no surprise considering the modus operandi (using vehicles to kill civilians, the signature of the islamic terrorists) and the fact that Sweden has received a huge number of muslim “refugees” without any type of vetting in the last couple of years, many of them arriving from conflict zones.

Also, Sweden is one of those countries which actually exports terrorism, as a number of its integrated muslims are known to have joined ISIS in Syria and they are now returning in Sweden, where they’re accepted with no questions asked.

Just check out this article How Sweden became an exporter of jihad and you’ll understand what I am talking about.

Islamic terrorists also used trucks for killing civilians in Berlin and Nice last year.


Photo: Rex Features