Terrorist Blows Himself up at Brussels Central Station as Gunned Down by Soldiers ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’

Islamic terrorism is back in Brussels, Belgium’s capital and European Union headquarters as a train station was evacuated following an explosion earlier on Tuesday, at about 9 PM local time. The terrorist screamed the Islamic war-cry “Allah Akbar” (God is the Greatest) and he was shot by military police as he was wearing an improvised explosive vest.



According to witnesses and early reports, the suspect was strapped with some sort of a rucksack packed full of explosives and he was threatening frightened passengers in one of Brussels busiest train stations. Lucky for bystanders, the riffraff was noticed by Belgian troops, who are patrolling Brussels streets since the latest Islamic terrorist attacks from last year, and they managed to neutralize the man (they basically shot him several times). However, the suicide bomber managed to blow himself up somewhere in the area of Gare Centrale/Brussels Central train station, but fortunately, he was the only casualty of the IED (improvised explosive device).

Sources from the Brussels prosecutor office said that the suspect was strapped with an explosive belt in addition to the rucksack containing home-made explosives, and the troops made efforts in order to save his life. According to Brussels officials, the situation was contained rapidly and everything is under control.

Brussels Grand Place, which is  one of the country’s major tourist destination,boasting its shops and high end restaurants, was evacuated following the explosion, together with the train station. The city is on high alert following the Islamic State terrorists (also suicide bombers) attacking the metro and the airport in Mach of 2016, attacks which murdered 32 people and wounded scores (in the hundreds).

brussels central terrorist

Another day, another terrorist attack in oh-so-tolerant and multicultural Europe. These seem to become a common occurrence; some people just can’t take a hint.