The Deadliest Massacres in Modern US History

A massacre is defined as the act of brutally and indiscriminately slaughtering people. Sadly, every nation has gone through these tragedies. And the loss, no matter the number of people killed, is always a huge weight on the heart of the people. In the US, there have been so many of these tragic events, too many to count even.

Honorary mention: The 2015 Charleston Church Shooting

Some of these shootings¬†hit home because of the nature of the slaughter. Some of these killings involve innocent children, gay club goers, students, teachers and regular every day people who were just trying to live their lives. Unfortunately, that life was snuffed out by a coward who couldn’t bear to deal with their problems like a normal person would. These people are evil, disgusting and deserve no mercy.

Here are 10 of the deadliest massacres in recent US history.