Two Cops Shot in St. Louis, Both Suspects in Custody

st louis police shooting

Both suspects involved in the shooting of two police officers in St. Louis on Friday afternoon are now in custody, according to local authorities. To quote from Lawrence O’Toole’s statement, who is St. Louis Police Chief, two suspects shot the 2 police officers using a handguns and an assault rifle, similar to an AK 47, as the cops were attempting to interview them with regard to a current gang investigation.

st louis police shooting

“Both officers were struck by the rounds, in their legs, their hand, appears to be some shrapnel injuries to their face,”

said St. Louis Police Chief.

A third woman was severely injured  while she was doing laundry, as one of the bullets (from the assault weapon) went through several walls and hit her in the head. She’s currently in critical condition

The injured police officers are currently hospitalized at  at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and they’re in stable condition, as they’ve suffered non-life threatening injuries. One of the victims is a 32 year old female police officer, a ten-year veteran in the department, while the other is a 35 year old male police officer, a 9-year veteran in St. Louis police force.

According to Missouri Highway Patrol, one of the suspects involved in the shooting was immediately taken into police custody,  while  the second was apprehended later. St. Louis Police Chief said that violence against cops has been on the rise lately:

“It was a week ago I was here again for an officer who was stabbed. Last night we had an officer who was involved in a shooting with an individual who had a handgun. Today, I have two officers shot in the hospital here; all dealing with violent, dangerous suspects. Felons,” he said. “These officers do a wonderful job for our city and they’re here to address violent crime. These are the type of individuals they are encountering on a daily basis. These officers did a wonderful job. I’m proud of them and they’re heroes. This investigation and will continue until we get the people responsible.”

It’s highly dubious that no description of either of the perpetrators was provided, which makes me believe they were both in Med school, trying to turn their lives around and all that. All we know about the suspects is their age, 22 and 24 respectively and they’re probably facing assault/weapons charges. O’Toole described the events as follows:

The direction of where the lady was in her home was directly behind where the officers were. The type of damage — the bullet went through walls, and through doors — tells us this type of damage could only be done by a high-power rifle.”

“These are violent offenders, and they don’t want to be taken. They don’t have — they don’t care about anyone else, and they’re firing an assault rifle like this in a highly urban area; obviously they have total disregard for the safety of anyone other than themselves.”