Vampire Bats Feeding Off Humans Terrorize Town

vampire bat

One man died and forty were hospitalized after vampires attacked humans in Salvador, Brazil. Don’t worry, we’re not dealing with Dracula nor his minions, but with vampire bats, which are orders of magnitude more disgusting than Count Dracula of Transylvania.

This incredible story about vampire bats attacking humans hit the news after a number of victims were discovered to have been waking to find their bed sheets covered in blood. This type of attack is virtually unheard of and the biggest ever recorded in Brazil. Vampire bats are regularly feeding off cattle, horses and various other animals, but now humans are on the menu. The deceased victim died of rabies transmitted by a vampire bat’s bite and it makes for the first recorded case of this type since 2004.

vampire bat attack

Matheus Andrade , one of the 40 victims who resides in Salvador’s historic center told reporters:

‘I was bitten three times.

‘When I woke up in the morning, I found the bed was wet. It had been raining overnight and I thought water had dripped in. But it was my blood. It was such a shock.

‘The wound was tiny but deep, the blood was dark and thick and the area wouldn’t stop bleeding even when I tried washing it off.’

Last weekend, Brazil’s disease control teams from the SESAB (state health authority) were out in full swing trying to control the rising numbers of vampire bats by catching them and applying a special venomous paste to their bodies. The dead victim is a 46 year old farmer, Edivalson Francisco Souza, who got bitten while milking his cow yet he dismissed the severity of the incident and failed to report it to a medic.

Three weeks later while he was hospitalized suffering with headaches, nausea, shortness of breath and severe anxiety, Souza remembered the vampire bat incident, then tested positive for rabies, yet it was all too late. The explanation for these unusual attacks was offered by an expert, Aroldo Carneiro:

‘We have detected shifts in bat behavior and a worrying increase in the population in the area. We believe this is due to deforestation and the destruction of caves, which forces the bats to migrate to the cities.

‘The city center does not have the normal source of food for hematophagous beings (who feed on blood) such as horses and cattle. The Vampire bats must find an alternative to live so they bite dogs and cats, and when these aren’t available they turn to humans.’