Worshipers Mowed Down By Van Outside London Mosque

Finsbury Park mosque attack

UPDATE:  UK police identified Finsbury Park mosque suspect as 47yo Darren Osborne from Cardiff, Wales, father of four

According to eye witnesses and early police reports, three men in a white van drove the vehicle into a crowd of Muslim worshipers as they were trying to help an elder man who was having a seizure at a bus stop. The Muslim worshipers were leaving the late-night prayers which are observed during the holy month of Ramadan.



Only one of the three suspects (the driver most probably) was taken into custody by Metro Police, while the scene of the attack was swarming with security forces and ambulances. Six people were seen laying on the ground seriously injured following the attack according to witnesses, while other reports described how one of the suspects (a “big man”) was wrestled and pinned down to the ground by bystanders until police arrived and took him into custody. The incident was described as a terrorist attack targeting Muslims by the mosque chairman Mohammed Kozbar.

london mosque terrorist attack

There are eyewitnesses reporting that the driver jumped out of the van waving a knife and screaming “I want to kill all Muslims”. The salafist mosque in Finsbury Park is well known to Londoners as it has been in the news for a number of times prior to today’s attack, being the home of famous Islamic radical and hate preacher Abu Hamza Al Masri and also having the 9/11 attacker Zacarias Moussaoui and shoe bomber Richard Reid as attendees.